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September - November Wrapup

With the pandemic musicians are limited but here are some of social media posts that I want to share.


I miss my Swiss friends and relatives and their festive ways. (along with missing so many here at home) This is a peculiar clip where man and beast harmonize in union. Make sure to watch the last 4 seconds = ) Have a great weekend everyone!

I miss performing the Vault at LaScala

in Beaverton. Pictured here with Ashton the bartender last December. (notice the seasonal tie)

Spending a couple days up north where it’s not quite so smoky, helping a friend clear brush, move rocks, stack wood, etc. I’m finding out that a tractor is a very handy tool to have on a spread like this. Yesterday we dropped off some hay and a few spare halters to a gal who’s taking a bunch of supplies to the heart of the Oregon fire zone and will return with some horses needing temporary homes. The air quality index up here has ranged from 12 to over 320 — the sun is quite obscured.

COOLEY Sings Missin' You

Vancouver Rotary Community Tree Lighting 2020


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