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June 2020 Wrapup

In case you missed any of my June Social Media Posts here are my favorites below.


Wow ! What a great lift-off and mission by Space-X and NASA this weekend! Here’s a little honor song dedicated to the astronauts and all the support staff.

Standing next to the grand piano with Jeff — the Assistant GM at @mjsteakilani @ilaniresort in Ridgefield WA. Normally, I might very wall be performing there tonight. Fingers crossed, we’ll all be back in business soon. Have a great weekend everyone!

With my sister Lana and Grama Grace Collins in 2019

Well folks, today is the one year anniversary of my mother’s crossing into the spirit world. She went by Grama Jo to the people she was closet too. Here’s a picture of she and I dancing at Pearson Air Museum many moons ago. She was a natural — moved and followed like a charm. I hope you’re well, mother = )


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