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COOLEY’s entertainment career covers 1000s of night club, casino and international showroom appearances featuring a vast and distinct repertoire of hit songs from Sinatra to Springsteen and beyond. His magnificent voice and quick wit have made COOLEY Show an exceptional and inspiring experience for audiences around the world.


COOLEY Sings Elton John features the greatest hits of rock and roll piano icons Elton John & Billy Joel with a performance driven by authentic, cool pop swagger.

Referred to as The Apostle of Croon,

COOLEY’s entertainment style has captivated and stirred the hearts thousands at auditoriums, hotels and festivals across the globe.


COOLEY’s motto is Music is the Medicine of Life – performing 20th century rock, pop, jazz and blues standards plus fan faves from his original music CD.


COOLEY is America’s leading senior show entertainer. PEOPLE Magazine says, "David Cooley has changed the lives of thousands of senior citizens with his music." Performing over 200 shows a year, this entertainer is truly one of the most unique singers in America today.


COOLEY Show Senior Outreach Program is unlike any other initiative existing in America today. He also volunteers mentoring students in local schools, crafting and polishing our youth’s music and theatrical talent.


Read all about it in PEOPLE Magazine.


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