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July 2020 WrapUp

In case you missed any of my social media posts here are my favorites below.


HAPPY to announce "4th of July Spirit Concert" especially performed for and broadcast to our senior citizens. This half hour TV show will air 10 different times on local-access cable channels in the greater Portland Metro area and in Salem — featuring patriotic favorites including all five Military Branch songs and Americana Music gems like Arlo Guthrie's, "City of New Orleans." Please, get the word out to all your senior friends and relatives.

Independence Day Show at The Quarry Senior Living in Vancouver — A Johnny Horton favorite musing on the war of 1812 where the British returned to a young U.S.A. to bring’er back into the fold. The British even managed to burn the White House to the ground. First Lady Dolly Madison had the where-with-all to grab the original copy of constitution before she and the President fled the capital in exile.

COOLEY Sings Arlo Guthrie's "City of New Orleans"

Another excerpt of this year's 4th of July Show at the Quarry in Vancouver WA.

Traveling virtually this summer with a 17 minute "road-medley" (22 song titles) taking us from NYC, down the Atlantic Seaboard, Gulf Coast, Great Lakes, Great Plains, Rocky Mts., deserts of the Southwest, Orange County, SFO plus America’s 50th and 49th states — then home to the great Columbia River Basin.

Three shows last week! This one ( Laurel Parc at Bethany Village was a hoot!))

Greetings Friends and Relatives

Performing three shows last week was a stark departure from my work since the March shut-down. It was a great week for outdoor shows at some of my favorite senior living establishments. Pictured here at Laurel Parc at Bethany Village.

"Wear pajamas in public day?" Or perhaps a "hippie wannabe"? 'Sitting in with the Johnny Munger Jazz Band at the Milwaukie Senior Center, circa 1992. "Johnny" was my uncle. (pictured at the piano in the background) #cooleyshow #tbt #crooner #musicman


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