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Second Week of October COOLEY Show recap

Wow last week was so fun getting prepared to gig again at The Vault at LaScala as well as my other performances. If you missed any of the week's social media posts here they are.

Please come down for a bite, a drink and some great music Wed. Oct. 10th ! at Vault at LaScala #MusicMonday #COOLEYShow #PDXMusic #MusicianLife#LivePerformance #Portland

Austin, bar tender and food-guy at the Vault at LaScala salutes you all ! COOLEY @ the piano Wed. Oct. 10, 6-9p There are 4-6 other food vendors in the same building.

'Would love to see you tonight at the Vault at LaScala — 6-9pm From COOLEY tune, Song Tonight: "I saw you in a song tonight. Your eyes were lyrics in a verse…" #WednesdayWisdom #COOLEYShow #MusicianLife#LivePerformance #VaultatLaScala #PDXMusic

Upcoming Show Schedule Oct. 12 American Pride (American Cruise Lines) Oct. 16 Avamere at Sherwood, Sherwood OR Oct. 17 Somerset Assisted Living, Gladstone OR Oct. 18 The Quarry Senior Living , Vancouver WA Oct. 19 Vancouver Pointe Senior Village, Vancouver WA #FundayFriday #COOLEYShow #MusicianLife#Music #LivePerformances #SeniorShows

Cycling on a BEAUTIFUL Fall day at the brand new Vancouver USA waterfront. This is what happy looks like = )


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