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End of COOLEY Show's Older Americans Month Tour

Greetings Friends & Relatives… I spent most of May on the road performing for senior citizens across 5 western states. The occasion: Older Americans Month, an annual honoring of our nation’s “olders” during the month of May. I traveled with my sister and helper, Lana. We had a great time – ‘stayed with five different families/friends along the way. (in between hotels) The audiences were very receptive, enjoyable and most grateful. I may have found a cousin from the Cooley clan out of Oklahoma who now lives in Spokane. ‘Next Oregon-California tour is scheduled in Sept. and we’re off to Seattle in November.

Check out last weeks recap below!


Memorial Day 2018 Salute from The COOLEYShow Dedicated to all the Gold Star families who've lost love ones in the service of our country. Thank you . #COOLEYShow #OAM18 #EngageatEveryAge #DavidCooley#MusicMonday

Overnight In Pendleton, Oregon on tour last week - Home of the renowned Pendleton Roundup and Hamley Western Store - The oldest saddle shop in the United States. #MyTownTuesday #COOLEYShow#HamleysWesternStore #OAM18 #EngageatEveryAge

We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.

George Bernard Shaw

Surrounded by singing-dancing Olders and Youngers at the All Senior Picnic in Richland, WA last fall. What a fun show! #COOLEYShow#ThrowbackThursday #EngageAtEveryAge #OAM2018

June 4 - Somerset Lodge, Portland OR

June 5 - Avamere at Sherwood, Sherwood OR

June 5 - West Hills Village, Portland OR

June 6 - Glenmore Gracious Retirement Living, Happy Valley OR

June 7 - Brookdale Orchards Village, Vancouver WA

June 8 - The Ackerly at Timberland, Portland OR

Queen Carrie of Rosaria-Sellwood. An absolute charmer = ) Carrie Cribbs was crowned Queen of Rosaria this year at the Brookdale-Sellwood Senior Living Facility.Our interview will be posted on Monday. #pdxrosefestival #rosefestival #portland #travelportland #pdx #portlandartscene #cooleyshow


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