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COOLEY Show, Wilf's Restaurant & Bar Performance Recap

What a week it was performing at Wilfs Restaurant and Bar is located in the renovated Union Station, just minutes from the Pearl District and downtown Portland with the Ron Steen Trio. I love performing and I love working with seasoned professionals. In case you missed this weeks past social media posts here they are below.


Belly Up to the Bar Wilf's Restaurant & Bar September 12th!

Wilf's Restaurant & Bar is absolutely "PDX iconic"! as is Ron Steen. Hope to see you Wed. night at Wilf's Restaurant & Bar at Union Station - we begin at 7pm #MyTownTuesday #COOLEYShow #WILFSBar #PDXMusic

"The first time I sat in with Ron Steen was over 20 years ago at the old Touche night club on 14th and NW Glisan. His excitement for the music was something I’d never encountered ’til that evening.

Thanks Ron!"

On the Road Again…" Breakfast with my friend Gary Raffanelli (of Slam Grand Pianos and Abbacadabra fame) before we headed out of Reno NV to wind up our May tour. Gary was a wonderful host and a fun guy to hang with. Thank you again Gary!

Looking forward to my upcoming gigs Sept. 17 Cascade Inn, Vancouver WA Sept. 19 Queen of the West (American Cruise Lines) Sept. 20 Terpening Terrace, Eugene OR Sept. 20 Rogue Valley Manor, Medford OR Sept. 21 The Springs at Veranda Park, Medford OR Sept. 22 Hilltop Estates, Redding CA Sept. 23 Senior Resource Group, Rivers Edge, Sacramento CA

Taking a quick break at Wilf's Restaurant & Bar Wednesday night with my good friend Deb and and my new friend Terri.


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