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COOLEY Show, Frank Sinatra and Inspirations

I performed Sinatra-style tunes for years and people kept asking for "Fly Me to the Moon." So I put it in the show and it became the title of my jazz standards CD. For me, Love is like flying — all the way to the moon! And Frank sent lovers flying again and again with his music. (make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel)

David Cooley with Volunteer Coordinator, Hilda Lail at Harney Elementary School before Awesome Auditions Class.

"Don't Hide Your Scars. They Make You Who You Are." #Frank Sinatra #WednesdayWisdom #CooleyShow #PDXMusic #MusicianLife #DavidCooley

The Cool Rays rocked Portland, Seattle, Japan, Alaska, and Nevada back in the mid-80s. All still alive and well today. "The closest thing to marriage I’ve ever known."

Upcoming Shows Holiday Rock Creek Seafarers, Port of Vancouver Ackerly at Timberland Lancaster Village, Salem OR Clearwater Springs #FundayFriday #CooleyShow #MusicianLife #PDXMusic

Richard Clark, avid music lover from Gladstone OR. This guy bounces around to any tune 100 bpm or faster.


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