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COOLEY Show back from vaca and ready for the summer!

Taking some time off is good for the soul. Looking forward to the rest of the summer! In case you missed it here is a recap of this weeks social media posts.


“I see a lot of aspiring, young singers. If you really wish to up your game as a singer, (at any age) repetition is key. One of the easiest ways to sing more is to join a choir. Get out there and sing! Also, one can learn some great skills from good conductor.” COOLEY

Happy July 'y’all! 'Back at it on July 4th at Calaroga Terrace, Portland

Upcoming COOLEYShow Schedule July 18 American Cruise Lines American Pride July 19 The Quarry Senior Living, Vancouver WA July 20 CherryWood Village, Portland, OR #FundayFriday #Cooleyshow #DavidCooley

The AntFarm in Sandy, OR — if you’re passing thru Sandy, you won’t find a place with better food and coffee. All the menu items are processed and made in house. The caramel sauce is to die for. The AntFarm is a non-profit that supports, trains and employs local youth. The imprint made on the community by helping seniors, heading up Mt. Hood forest projects and growing tons of food (literally) every year is truly remarkable.


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