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COOLEY Show and Upcoming Wilf's Performance

The first week of September is starting out with a bang! We are so excited for our upcoming performance at Wilf's Restaurant & Bar, inspired by the 1950s, this lively lounge is known for classic American cuisine & jazz musicians.

Address: 800 NW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

I will be playing with the Ron Steen Trio whom I have performed with before.

From Wilf's Website: "Ron Steen is literally the Godfather of Jazz Jams in Portland, Oregon, and one of the most successful musicians in the area. He has had an ongoing jam session since 1980, and has been hosting Produce Row for about 13 years. Any New York pros who come through town stop in to Produce Row to jam on Monday nights."

So I hope to see you there! If you missed any of my social media posts this week here they are below.


At Wilf’s I’ll be sharing the stage with long-time PDX bassist Dennis Caiazza. Dennis’ style of playing is very fat, swingin’ and full of life! I’ve worked with Dennis for over 10 years and he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet in the biz. Please join us with Ron Steen at Wilf's Restaurant & Bar — Wed. Sept. 12 at 7p.

Being a Cool Ray at Key Largo night club in Portland one evening last millennium. The little face with sunglasses just to the right is Barry Newbold — Bassist, singer, screamer (Jim Morrison style) musical genius and all around mad man.

Miss Pollyanna, 104 years old, with her mother in Ontario, Oregon. Rural livin' makes for a long, happy life!

Wellsprings Assisted Living


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