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COOLEY Show and Portland's own Rose Festival

COOLEYShow wanted to highlight this week the amazingly beautiful Portland's own Rose Festival. From the festival's website:

Part of Portland’s popular culture for more than a century, the Rose Festival has its roots in tradition while its programming is both contemporary and nostalgic. Foresighted city leaders started the festival during the first decade of the 20th Century in order to put Portland on the map and brand it the ‘summer capital of the world.’ Little did they know that more than a hundred summers later the Rose Festival would be world famous for its amazing, award-winning events, as well as serving as a community leader for celebrating values like volunteerism, patriotism and environmentalism.


Was an absolute pleasure interviewing Queen Carrie just after her coronation Brookdale Senior Living

With Captain Simmons after my show aboard the Queen of the West American Cruise Lines Two hour ride back to the city of Roses.

There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence. Ralph Waldo Emerson

On Tour last month — Special "50s" show in Eugene. OR at Terpening Terrace.


Upcoming Events June 14th Cascade Inn, Vancouver WA 6pm (helper)

I always walk away from my time at Harney Elementary PTO with a smile on my face =) The kids love performing June 15th Cascade Inn, Vancouver WA #fundayfriday #cooleyshow #musicianslife

Soaking up the Roses in Sherwood OR with my four-legged friend. (never mind the Rhodies in the background.) Enjoy the Grand Floral Parade today !

— or — 10am on KPTV 12.


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