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COOLEY Show and Frank Sinatra

Musicians from the past influence many of us. This month I want to salute Frank Sinatra and his musical genius and post our social media posts from the week. Enjoy!

Frank Sinatra singing You Make Me Feel So Young (Live At Royal Festival Hall / 1962) #MusicMonday #COOLEYShow #FrankSinatra


So cold at PDX Sat. Market only a few months ago with my sis, Lana. Spring is here and the Market is open for business — 'must head down there soon!


"Whatever else has been said about me personally is unimportant. When I sing, I believe, I'm honest." #FrankSinatra #WednesdayWisdom #CooleyShow #DavidCooley #OregonMusicScene


HOMESTEAD LIVIN’ Through the working year it’s easy to get confused, lose sight, and lose energy while organizing the logistics of 300 yearly performances. In this place of wind, harsh conditions, silence and way more critters than humans, I begin to see more clearly where my music is headed and where I wish to take my work as an entertainer.

We call it the “Homestead.” Which, is exactly that; a 160 acre plot granted by the U.S Government to the family of my dear friend Linda Neale over 100 years ago. Her great aunt grew up here with her uncle in the early 20th century and was instrumental (pun intended) in starting the “Sagebrush Orchestra” out of Burns, Oregon. This orchestra later became the Portland Youth Philharmonic. 18 years ago, we started rebuilding the homestead farmhouse located 180 miles SE of Bend, Oregon. Now it’s a home away from home for my dear friends and a place I come when cherished time allows, to breath the fresh air, rejuvenate, and spend more time with the music. #ThrowbackThursday #CooleyShow #DavidCooley


Upcoming Shows Avamere Sherwood Country Meadows, Woodburn OR Cherrywood Village #FundayFriday #CooleyShow #Musician Life

David Cooley with Maggie Vespa - KGW Newscaster and reporter at the studio. She’s got a smile that lasts a mile! #SelfieSaturday #CooleyShow #DavidCooley #OregonMusic


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