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COOLEY January 2019 Wrap up

2019 has been anything but dull thus far. It started off in style with a David Gold and friends New Years bash in NW Portland featuring a COOLEY Show band that included guest keyboardist Nick Rolfe who most recently performed as Aretha Franklin’s pianist.

January also saw the 3rd installment of "COOLEY Sings Elton John" at the Cameo Cafe.

The crown jewel of the month was "The Beatles Rooftop Concert 50th Anniversary Show" at Music Millennium featuring myself on keys joined by "The Lords of Blackpool." We performed a 20 minute set of "Let It Be" tunes twice during the noon hour.

I made an appearance the day before on "KGW News at Four" to talk with news anchors Cathy Marshall and Chris Willis about the Jan. 30th concert and its 50 year history. Hope to see you all in February!

If you missed any of my month's social media posts here are some of my favorites below.


"When making toasts, one must always use beer, wine, hard liquor or at least soda pop or juice — water will not do. So, my mother and I toast our new years resolutions every Jan. 1st with glasses filled straight from the kitchen tap." (Author unknown)

TONIGHT we begin FIRST WEDNESDAYS at theVault at LaScala. Please stop in for a drink and a bite. Under 21 OK. Happy New Year!

Celebrated Winter Solstice with Michael Meade Mosaic Voices along with 300 other souls at All Pilgrims Christian Church in Seattle on Dec. 20th. Lots of candles, singing and beauty as we crept into the deepest of the dark and then turned toward the light with all our best intentions. The ancient ones used to say that the two-legged must beckon the light to return, lest we wander too long in the void. Thank you Dana Sevy for the invite!

I know it’s over ’til next year - but had to share this one. What a treat to sing with this woman at Pacifica Senior Living Calaroga Terrace @PacificaCalaroga - Happy New Year Everyone!

Just wrapping up a client party with Dane Anderson,Thrivent Financial Advisor. A wonderful group to perform for at Windy Hills Winery in Ridgefield WA. Beautiful winery! 'Wishing you all a prosperous 2019!

Performing Atria 86 on the Upper East Side of Manhattan — Sept. 2017. It was my first time to the city. Highlights: Hell’s Kitchen, Central Park, Coney Island and an angry group of demonstrators in front of Trump Tower en route to MOMA.

Trying to take a "puff" off of Sammy Davis, Jr’s. cigg with Sinatra in the background at a waterfront arcade in Seattle. (The one where that humungus ferris wheel resides)

Dream. Please enjoy, everyone - and have a great week !

Headed into the Aladdin Theater for another installment of Luke Burbank’s "Live Wire."

Dancing with mom, Jo, at a park in PDX around 12 years ago — she was a natural. 'Looks like the band was "Everything’s Jake

CELEBRATING the 50th Anniversary of "The Beatles Rooftop Concert" at Music Millennium Jan. 30th @ noon. AND — Back to the Cameo Cafe next Sat. Jan. 26 with "COOLEY Sings Elton John."

With Elaine at Clearwater Springs Assisted Living in Vancouver. She loves the show and that makes me happy = )

Well, it ain’t the cover of the Rolling Stone, or Carson’s couch, but COOLEY Show made it onto the window of Portland's grooviest record store,Music Millennium. Please stop by on Jan. 30th @ Noon as we pay tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles Rooftop Concert featuring the Lords of Blackpool with yours truly on piano.

A "severe" blast from the past featuring Casey Nova’s song, "Party Line" sung by yours truly at the Governors Ball, circa 1986. Casey (guitarist on the right-hand side of the stage in green) and I will perform together again with Lords of Blackpool to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles Rooftop Concert at noon on Wed. Jan. 30th. Location: Music Millennium, 32nd & E Burnside

Warming up for tonight's Cameo Cafe Show "COOLEY Sings Elton John" — 7:30 next door to Club Green Meadows in Vancouver.

Terry Currier is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet — he has done so much for Oregon’s music community. Hear his take on the Beatles Rooftop Concert 50th Anniversary Show at Music Millennium Wed. Jan. 30th @ Noon. with Lords of Blackpool

Scheduled to be on the KGW-TV 4p news today to chat about the Beatles Rooftop Concert 50th Anniversary Show at Music Millennium tomorrow, (Wed.) Jan. 30th @ noon. We’re on the program schedule to appear around 4:15 today on Channel 8

Today is the 50th Anniversary of the Historic, Beatles Rooftop Concert in London, England! Performing the "rooftop concert set" twice today at Music Millennium— once at noon and a repeat at 12:35p, (it was a short set = ) the Lords of Blackpooll with COOLEY on piano will recreate this momentous occasion that surprised and delighted London’s business and fashion district as the Beatles performed for the last time in the pubic eye on the roof of their multimedia headquarters, the Apple Corp. building. The concert was filmed and featured in the movie, (and on the LP) "Let it Be." Fans in the streets and on nearby rooftops took a break from their busy day to enjoy this impromptu, midday concert by the most famous rock and roll band in the world. Pictured is Terry Currier from Music Millennium with myself. (and the Beatles = )

Enjoying the music and patrons at the piano bar lounge aboard Holland America’s Zaandam, June 2016. Alaska Inside passage


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