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COOLEY February 2019 Wrapup

February went by quickly with Valentines Day favorites added to shows - songs about roses and such = ) One trip to SEA to perform at Aegis of Queen Anne at Rogers Park. I experienced the tail end of the snow storm that brought Seattle to its knees earlier in the month as I slipped and slid my way out of a friend’s driveway in Shoreline. 'Mid-month I spent two days and two nights working on music and relaxing at Breitenbush Hot Springs. Super nice! Gearing up for COOLEY Show Senior Appreciation Tour this April/May. Ten shows booked in and around the Bay area and Sacramento. "COOLEY Sings Elton John" continues gain momentum and I’ve been enjoying my time singing in the Clark College Chorale tenor section. Our Winter Concert is March 14th. Thank you for your interest and support!

In case you missed any of my February Social Media Updates here are some of my favorites.

With the Lords of Blackpool and Music Millenniumfounder/owner, Terry Currier at the 50th Anniversary celebration/performance of the Beatles Rooftop Concert.

Wednesday January 30th’s concert at Music Millennium was great fun. Thank you to the Lords of Blackpool, Terry Currier and everyone who attended and enjoyed with us.

COOLEY performing Wednesday February 6th at Vault at LaScala 6pm-9pm. Make sure to bring song requests!

KGW-TV8 interviews COOLEY on the 4p News Jan. 29, the day before the Rooftop Concert Anniversary Concert at Music Millennium

In studio with KGW-TV New Anchors Cathy Marshall KGW and Chris Willis KGW just after an interview on the Four o'clock News.

COOLEY Swings "Moondance" with Ron Steen at Wilfs Restaurant & Bar

COOLEY sings, Blue Skies - "never saw the sun, shining so bright..."

COOLEY Sings 7 Rose Songs -- One Shopping Day 'til Valentine's Day

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” (Charles M. Schulz) Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

COOLEY and crowd sing, "It Had to Be You."

With Kingsmen Guitarist, Todd McPhearson in Salem, Oregon before rehearsal with " Lords of Blackpool."

circa 1992

COOLEY with Saxophonist John Nastos Music after his Portland Jazz Fest PDX Jazz performance atPortland'5 Centers for the Arts

This Saturday March 2nd - another rockin’ installment of "COOLEY Sings Elton John." Cameo Cafe - Vancouver 7:30pm

With Terry Currier outside Music Millennium. This guy has never had a job anywhere except at a record store for his entire adult life! DON’T FORGET — Music Millennium’s 50th Anniversary Party/Concert at the Aladdin TheaterFri. March 15th. (very ominous date!)

Singing with a Swiss Dixieland band in Luzern - Oct. 2017.

With pianist extraordinaire, Dustin Hunley, Jazz Piano and Vocals, showing off his new VOX amps USA mini-amp just before show-time at the The Laurelhurst Club "Key West" dance night.


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