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COOLEY December 2019 Wrapup

Happy New Year to all! With three December shows at Ilani’s Michael Jordan’s Steak House, (including New Years Eve) perhaps I need to move to Ridgefield = ) I’ve been laying a bit low, gearing up for 2020, and managed a 3 day get-a-way to a favorite spot near Detroit, Oregon.

Returning on Christmas Day I performed at one of my favorite Portland venues, West Hills Village, to a very appreciative crowd. I do love the holiday music, both sacred and secular. I even got a small group of singers from the audience to come up to the piano and sing "Oh Holy Night" at the Glenwood Place Annual Holiday Party in Vancouver.

It was great to bring in the new year at Ilani Casino surrounded by all kinds of music and entertainment. Wishing you all a very prosperous 2020!


If you missed any of my November social media posts in November here are my favorites.

Happy New Year! May prosperity rain down on us all in the coming year. Cheers!

With Blake Sakamoto of "The Nu Wavers" at the 10th Annual " The Season Electric " show at Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom in Portland. I remember Blake performing with " Dan Reed Network " back in the day. (sorry about the fuzziness of the pic — Blake’s delightful charm reigns none-the-less = )

Transforming my mind, body and sense of humor, one painful pose at a time with instructor Stefan Waltz of Vancouver Yoga Center. This yoga studio features outstanding instructors headed by the best in the biz: Melonie Nielsen. Merry Christmas y’all !!!

Great crowd of holiday music enthusiasts at Esther Short Park for the Tree Lighting in Vancouver WA. Have a great holiday week!

Just waiting for Santa… have a great weekend everyone!

From last year’s tree lighting event at Esther Short Park. Thanks again to the Vancouver Rotary Club and especially to Hi-School Pharmacy and Ace Hardware = ) Vancouver, Washington

With Erin Knittle after the free Holiday Concert at Magenta Theater in DT Vancouver two weeks ago. Erin was the choir conductor for the event. She also plays "Shelhammer" in Magenta’s production of "Miracle on 34th Street,

Enjoying my very first concert in Switzerland, and, the first visit to my grandparents’ homeland. My cousin Alice booked the performance at the Monbijou Bistrot which was right next door to her flat in downtown Bern. 'Wonderful memories from this neighborhood. (circa 1997)

This time of year always floats my boat. I love the music and the gathering of friends, family (and sometime strangers) amidst the backdrop of darkness, cold, and the threat of winter. The magic of Santa songs and the poignant nature of Christ child songs along with the deepest plunge into the void of winter solstice all bring a sense of aliveness and vitality that move me to a place of compulsory reverence for life and the prospect of love’s renewal and true fellowship.

I think that, perhaps, in days of old, coming together was a necessity for many as there was only one fireplace to stay warm, one pot of food to eat from, and one community to learn from. Now days we are so independent, sometimes to the point of downright loneliness.

I’m so happy to be alive and open to the spirit of the season. Merry Christmas and the happiest of winter holidays to all. COOLEY

"Sharing the stage with Santa Claus is a magical thing for all!" COOLEY Show performs at the Annual Tree Lighting in Vancouver, Washington City Government at Esther Short Park, Nov. 29, 2019. COOLEY Show sponsored by Hi-School Pharmacy and Ace Hardware

Lost in the groove… ilani Muze Lounge, Sept. 2019

COOLEY With Santa Friday evening at Esther Short Park Vancouver, Washington City Government — great fun! Many thanks to Hi-School Pharmacy, Ace Hardware and the Vancouver Rotary.


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