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Jan. 1 Ackerly at Timberland, PDX

Jan. 4 Regency Park, PDX

Jan. 5 Somerset AL, Gladstone OR

Jan. 7 West Hills Village, PDX

Jan. 10 Ackerly at Timberland, PDX

Jan. 12 Miramonte Point, Happy Valley OR

Jan. 15 Bonaventure, Vancouver WA

Jan. 18 Glenwood Place, Vancouver WA

Jan. 28 Calaroga Terrace, PDX


Feb. 4 West Hills Village, PDX

Feb. 7 Springs at Clackamas Woods, Milwaukie OR

Feb. 9 Springs at Lancaster, Salem Oregon

Feb. 12 Calaroga Terrace, PDX

Feb. 14 Miramonte Point, PDX

Feb. 15 Sellwood Senior Living, PDX

Feb. 15 Miramonte Point, Happy Valley OR

Feb. 16 Glenwood Place, Vancouver WA

Feb. 23 Glenmore Gracious, Happy Valley OR

Feb. 23 Bonaventure, Vancouver WA

Feb. 24 Olympics West, Olympia WA

Feb. 25 Vancouver Pointe, Vancouver WA


Mar. 2 Somerset AL, Gladstone OR

Mar. 3 Cascade Inn, Vancouver WA

Mar. 4 West Hills Village, PDX

Mar. 7 Olympics West, Olympia WA

Mar. 8 The Bedford, Vancouver WA

Mar. 9 Ackerly at Timberland, Portland OR

Mar. 9 Springs at Sherwood OR

Mar. 10 Regency Park, PDX

Mar. 10 The Quarry, Vancouver WA

Mar. 11 Springwood Landing, Vancouver, WA

Mar. 12 Calaroga Terrace, PDX

Mar. 16 Sellwood Senior Living, PDX

Mar. 16 Miramonte Point, Happy Valley OR

Mar. 17 Bonaventure, Vancouver WA

Mar. 17 Bonaventure Sal. Ck. Vancouver WA

Mar. 18 Regency Village, Prineville OR

Mar. 18 Regency Village, Bend OR

Mar. 18 The Alexander, Bend OR

Mar. 24 Van Mall Retirement, Vancouver WA

Mar. 25 Keizer Ridge, Salem OR


Apr. 1 West Hills Village, PDX

Apr. 6 Sellwood Senior Living, Portland OR

Apr. 6 Miramonte Point, Happy Valley OR

Apr. 7 Springs at Sherwood OR

Apr. 9 Calaroga Terrace, PDX

Apr. 12 The Bedford, Vancouver WA

Apr. 21 The Vi Living, Palo Alto CA

Apr. 22 Oakmont at Montecito, Concord CA

Apr. 23 Heritage Estates, Livermore CA

Apr. 23 Byron Park, Walnut Creek CA

Apr. 24 Rhoda Goldman Plaza, SFO

Apr. 25 Lake Park, Oakland CA

Apr. 25 Rossmoor, Walnut Creek CA

Apr. 25 Rivers Edge, Sacramento CA

Apr. 27 Fountain Plaza, Medford OR

Apr. 28 Rogue Valley Manor, Medford OR

Apr. 29 Garden Way, Eugene OR

July 4  Sellwood Sen. Living, Portland OR

July 5  Regency Park, Portland OR

July 6  Somerset AL, Portland OR

July 7  Cascade Inn, Vancouver WA

July 11 Olympics West, Olympia WA

July 12  Truewood, Vancouver WA

July 13  Ackertly at Timberland, Portland OR

July 13  Springs at Sherwood, Sherwood OR

July 14  The Bellettini, Bellevue WA

July 15  Aegis on Queen Anne RP, Seattle WA

July 16  Raptors Tailgate Party Ridgefield WA

July 18  Sellwood Senior Living, Portland OR

July 18  Springs at Clackamas Woods, Milwaukie, OR

July 19  Springridge at Charbonneau, Wilsonville OR

July 20  Glenmore Gracious, Happy Valley OR

July 20  Miramont Pointe, Happy Valley OR

July 21  Canfield Place, Beavteron OR

July 23  West Hills Village, Portland OR

July 26  Northwest Place, Portland OR

July 28  Raptors Tailgate Party Ridgefield WA

Aug. 3  Springs at Lancaster Village, Salem OR

Aug. 3  Somerset Lodge, Gladstone OR

Aug. 4  Forum at Town Center, Portland OR

Aug. 5  West Hills Village, Portland OR

Aug. 11  Whispering Winds, Bend OR

Aug. 11  Regency Village, Bend OR

Aug. 12  The Alexander, Bend OR

Aug. 15  Sellwood Senior Living, Portland OR

Aug. 16  Truewood, Vancouver WA

Aug. 17  Miramont Pointe, Happy Valley OR

Aug. 19  Olympics West, Olympia WA


Sept. 1  Cascade Inn, Vancouver WA

Sept. 2  West Hills Village, Portland OR

Sept. 6  Regency Park, Portland OR

Sept .7  Springs at Lancaster Village, Salem OR

Sept. 7  Somerset Lodge, Gladstone OR

Sept. 9  Vancouver Pointe, Vancouver WA

Sept. 10  Bonaventure, Gresham OR

Sept. 13  Truewood, Vancouver WA

Sept. 14  Ackertly at Timberland, Portland OR

Sept. 14  Springs at Sherwood, Sherwood OR

Sept. 21  Miramont Pointe, Happy Valley OR

Sept. 23  The Bellettini, Bellevue WA

Sept. 24  Aegis on Queen Anne RP, Seattle WA

Sept. 30  Springs at Tanesbourne, Hillsboro OR


Oct. 5 Glenmore Gracious, Happy Valley OR

Oct. 5 Somerset AL, Gladstone OR

Oct. 6 Cogir at the Quarry

Oct. 7 West Hills Village, Portland OR

Oct. 11 Truewood, Vancouver WA

Oct. 12 Miramont Pointe, Happy Valley OR

Oct. 13 Rogue Valley Manor, Medford OR

Oct. 14 Oakmont at Montecito, Concord CA

Oct. 14 The Sequoias, Walnut Creek CA

Oct. 15 Commons at Elk Grove, Elk Grove CA

Oct. 16 The Vi, Palo Alto CA

Oct. 17 The Avant, Palo Alto CA

Oct. 17 Heritage Estates, Livermore CA

Oct. 18 Sequoias SFO, San Fransico CA

Oct. 19  St. Paul Towers, Oakland CA

Oct. 21 Lake Park, Oakland CA

Oct. 21 Forum at R. San Antonio, Cupertino CA

Oct. 22  Byron Park, Walnut Creek CA

Oct. 23  Rhoda Goldman Plaza, San Fransico, CA

Oct. 24  Oakmont of East Sacramento, Sac. CA

Oct. 28  The Alexander, Bend OR

“We first met COOLEY at a discotek in Gsttaad. We immediately found the musik and the performance so nice that we decided to engage him for my wife’s 50th birthday party. Everyone loved the entertainment and the activity on the dance floor was great.”
Anders Wulf, Zurich Switzerland

Stand Out Performances

Atria West 86th, New York NY 

Ceasar’s Palace, Las Vegas NV

Del Webb’s Club at Westpark, Roseville CA

City of Vancouver Tree Lighting

KGW-TV Studio, “Portland Today” Show

Holland America Zaandam, Alaska Inside Passage

West Hills Village 100k Audience Show, Portland OR

All Senior Picnic, Richland WA

Beatles Rooftop Concert 50th Anniversary

Oberhofen Castle, Thunersee Switzerland

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