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COOLEY Show Weekly Recap and Upcoming Show

I invite all of you to the Vault at LaScala on June 20th for Live Music Wednesday from 5pm - 8pm! Enjoy good music, good food, good drink and a good time! I would love to meet new people and play my music every day!

Here is the week recap from my social media for the week in case you missed it!


The 150th running of the Belmont Stakes was exciting and fun to watch Saturday as Justified became the 13th horse in history to win the Triple Crown. Here’s one of my favorite Indigo Swing tunes, "Baron Plays the Horses." #MusicMonday #CooleyShow #HorseRacing #TripleCrown

"Singing, and playing piano can create vibrations that send a performer like myself into a bit of trance. Add a few lyrics describing the magic and ecstasy of love and it can send an artist spinning to heights of profound jubilation. Or, reeling with unspeakable sadness. This is what I live for on stage. The opportunity to go beyond the smiles, the jokes, the applause, into a fourth dimension with possibilities of great affect on the audience as well as the entertainer."

The Cool Rays — four years of touring, laughs, disagreements, and mostly, music. I didn’t know it at the time, but I love these guys.

My sister Lana and I in sunny Ashland, Oregon last month on tour. Ain’t she sweet?

Remember to stop by for some great food and music on June 20th


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