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COOLEY February 2020 Wrapup

Here are my favorite social media posts I want to share for February

With Pamela Moody — all dressed up at Magenta Theater , Vancouver WA

Besides being so very artsy - and - having a VERY green thumb - and - caretaking 10-20 critters at her house, Pamela is one of Vancouver’s finest massage therapists Dancing Hands Massage Therapy

First Wednesdays at the Vault at LaScala in Beaverton 6-9p. Bring your song requests!

My first gig in Switzerland at the Monbijou Bistro in downtown Bern. My cousin booked the show and the place was packed with with so many cousins and soon to be friends.

Here with Maggie, strong supporter of 1st Wed. at the Vault at LaScala in Beaverton. She helped me out with one of her song requests, Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah = )


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